Torquay Flat Roof Repair

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Professional Flat Roof Repairs are a skill and every Flat Roof is different and requires a unique cost effective solution.

Flat Roof Repairs

Most repairs involve a failed Bitumen, failed Mastic Asphalt Roof or failed Glass Fibre Roof. We always have the option of stripping off the failed waterproofing and sometimes the deck and insulation underneath are so wet that they also have to be removed. The only way to determine if this costly remedial work has to be done is to take a small core sample from the Roof and then professionally re-waterproof the small area where the core sample was taken from. Please note that a core sample area need be no more than a few square inches.

Normally it is not necessary to strip off the existing waterproofing and a number of new waterproofing systems can be laid directly on top of the old roof, so as to avoid expensive skip hire and landfill costs.

You should always consider an upgrade in Thermal Insulation if you are re-waterproofing and again the new Thermal Insulation can be laid directly on top of the old Bitumen Felt/Mastic Asphalt and the new waterproofing applied. Remember that the new waterproofing will last up to 30 years, so it can be very cost effective to add new Insulation especially in view of the future high energy costs of heating the building which everyone is predicting.

Choice of Flat Roof Waterproofing

There are a few reputable waterproofing membranes and waterproofing systems including the following.

1. RoofKrete Polymer Cement (30 Year Warranty):

RoofKrete is absolutely amazing. It's got to be the best Roofing and Balcony product on the market as it far outperforms all other advanced roofing materials such as EPDM Rubber, Single Ply PVC and any kind of liquid waterproofing products

Benefits - RoofKrete is wonderfully eco-friendly and sustainable:

  • The lifespan of RoofKrete is expected to be at least that of the building it covers. Research at Southampton University shows RoofKrete will last more than 100 years. THIS MEANS YOU NEVER NEED TO REPLACE YOUR ROOF AGAIN!
  • RoofKrete is completely Solar Radiation resistant - meaning it doesn't deteriorate from decades of exposure to the sun
  • RoofKrete is totally fireproof - because it contains no combustible materials
  • RoofKrete is flexible yet strong
  • RoofKrete is not a petrochemical product
  • RoofKrete can be walked upon and driven over! - So no need for decking or other protective cover
  • It's extremely light - only 8mm thick and 10mm thick for a balcony
  • For a Green Sedum Roof, RoofKrete is the only membrane that is spade and fork resistant for maintenance of the Sedum
  • RoofKrete is completely impervious to water and is totally freeze/thaw resistant

There's got to be a drawback with RoofKrete, I hear you say, and it's probably the cost. In fact RoofKrete can be installed on your roof for about the same cost as a Bitumen or GRP roof, and would save you hundreds of pounds over the years on flat roofing costs compared with mineral felt and plastic roofs.

2. RoofKrete Liquid Waterproofing and Rubber Roof System (10, 15, 20 and 25 Year Warranties Available)

RoofKrete Liquid Waterproofing Number 1 in Liquid Waterproofing Technology

Liquid Polyurethane Waterproofing is a cold applied application which forms an elastomeric, seamless membrane, the ideal solution for virtually any substrate on both flat and pitched roofs, including where an overlay is required and where there is restrictive clearances and multiple and odd shaped projections. It is of course a zero flame application and has an economical installed cost with Guarantees from 15 years to 25 years. The System is seamless and can be used for asbestos roof encapsulation, flat roofs and balconies and even aquatic waterproofing.

The range includes the latest technology in single (1K) and two component (2K) polyurethane liquid rubber for the widest range of building applications.

RoofKrete Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing is a self levelling; cold applied liquid Waterproofing which is both BBA Approved and ETA Approved (European Technical Approval).

The System is equally suited to roof refurbishment and new build construction.

3. RoofKrete Single Ply ECB Rubber and Single Ply TPO (20 Year Warranty):

Single Ply ExtruBit - High Quality ECB Roofing Membrane. Manufactured by Schedtal Folien GmbH

Most Roof Repairs involve a Fleece Backed ECB Single Ply Membrane which is fully adhered to the deck or insulation by a full bond cold adhesive so that no hot works or flames are on the roof. Available in one colour only, Black/Dark Grey.

Single Ply ExtruPol - Coloured FPO/TPO Single Ply Membrane which is available in a number of colours.

Again most Roof Repairs involve a Fleece Backed FPO/TPO Single Ply Membrane which is fully adhered to the deck or insulation by a full bond cold adhesive so that no hot works or flames are on the roof. Available in a variety of colours.

4. EPDM Rubber Roofing and Glass Fibre Roofing

EPDM Rubber Roofing and Glass Fibre Roofing are only 1mm thick and we believe that this is far too thin to be a durable and robust waterproofing. Note that RoofKrete Polymer Cement is 7mm thick minimum, RoofKrete Liquid Waterproofing and Rubber Roof System is 2.5mm thick and RoofKrete Single Ply ECB and Single Ply TPO are 2mm thick.

So we do not recommend the fixing of EPDM or Glass Fibre because you can get at least twice the thickness at the same installed cost.

List of Approved Local Contractors

For a full list of approved contractors who can carry out a full survey free of charge to establish which is the best waterproofing solution for your roof in your area please contact us on or call on 07970 455 050.