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Who are we?

Managing Director

Dr Roy Jenkins BSc. PhD.

Managing Director - Krete Sustain Systems Ltd

BSc . Hons. Science (University of Glasgow)

Ph.D. Chemistry (University of Glasgow sponsored by United States Air Force)

Roy primarily is involved with the day to day running of the company and ensures the vision and drive to meet the company’s high standards are met or exceeded on a daily basis. Based out of the Manchester Office, Roy is suitably placed to deal with all projects.


Headed Management ‘Buy-Out’ of Thermalite Ltd (Aerated Concrete Blocks) in 1984 and persuaded Neil Armstrong to come to the UK to re-launch the Thermalite brand. - Quite an achievement as Neil Armstrong has never been involved with any business publicity since his historic Moon Landing!

Headed Management ‘Buy-Out’ of Quiligotti Ltd (Terrazo Flooring - UK and USA) 1990 - 1992

Managing Director of Icopal Ltd UK (Largest manufacturer of Bitumen Waterproofing in the World) 1991 - 2005

European Director of Icopal Ltd 2005 - 2007

Managing Director of Deutsche Waterproofing UK Ltd 2007 - 2008 (Resigned end 2008 to purchase equity stake in RoofKrete Waterproofing)

Background to Roy’s Equity Purchase of RoofKrete Waterproofing Ltd end 2008

As MD of Icopal, part of the role necessitated a thorough understanding of all other roofing systems and companies, including their strengths, weaknesses and more importantly any that could add to the future business of Icopal in new areas.

RoofKrete Waterproofing was identified as being unique and had qualities that no other flat roof waterproofing systems held. In addition, RoofKrete Waterproofing was able to multitask as it could be used in many other waterproofing applications as well as flat roofing. Recognising the potential of the system, during 1992 - 1995 RoofKrete was extensively tested by the Icopal Research & Development Development Director at their European Research Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Icopal looked to purchase RoofKrete to grow the innovative and high performing system and make into a National and International product. However, the company was not sold, and it continued to develop under its own steam.

And so it began - Roy handed in his resignation as MD of Deutsche Waterproofing and purchased an Equity Stake in RoofKrete Waterproofing ltd. at the end of 2008 and began planning his vision for taking RoofKrete / Krete forwards into a building industry where the growing need for Sustainable High Performance products and systems are flourishing. - Through long standing mutual contacts, Roy connected with consultants who were already working on advanced systems for both MMC and MMR.

MMC - modern methods of construction

MMR - modern methods of refurbishment

Krete Sustain Systems Ltd

The Company has been relaunched as Krete Sustain Systems ltd (Incorporating RoofKrete Waterproofing Ltd.) and to progress more quickly in the development of Green Roofs the company has partnered with Blackdown Horticultural Consultants Limited who are based in the south west of England and offer a national service. They have many years experience in commercial horticulture and at the Royal Horticultural Society working with temperate and tropical plants. The managing director Alan Williams has a PhD in Plant Physiology and experience in the fields of product development, horticultural trials and landscape design. They are passionate about plants and the vital role they will play in our increasingly urbanised environment.

Their main area of expertise is in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of lightweight roof planting systems. As well as being visually attractive, these systems have numerous environmental advantages. They are unique in this country with regard to roof planting in that:

  • All the components are sourced in the UK.
  • Blackdown grow all their own plant material including the exclusive NatureMat® instant greening system.
  • The schemes are tailored to the UK climate.

ONE STOP GREEN ROOFING the Partnership of both companies allows for a complete service from installation of the GreenKrete Waterproofing Membrane to design and installation of the green roof/ soil system and a maintenance system which is essential in the first few years with a green roof